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Looking to visit Caribbean, but not sure where to go? Find out which countries have the best deals
69€ - 290€
MOST POPULAR COUNTRY IN CARIBBEAN Dominican Republic 77% more users visited More momondo users search for hotels in Dominican Republic than any other country in Caribbean.
INEXPENSIVE COUNTRY IN CARIBBEAN Puerto Rico 59% cheaper Hotels in Puerto Rico are cheaper than other popular destinations in Caribbean at just 69€ per night on average.
EXPENSIVE COUNTRY IN CARIBBEAN Jamaica 44% more expensive Jamaica has higher-priced hotels than other popular destinations in Caribbean, with rooms averaging 290€ per night.

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What is the most popular destination for users looking for a hotel in Caribbean?

The most popular destinations in Caribbean are Punta Cana (75% more often visited by momondo users), Varadero (73% more often visited by momondo users), and Puerto Plata (65% more often visited by momondo users). These cities are great options when planning your trip to Caribbean.

What are the cheapest destinations to book a hotel in Caribbean?

The cheapest destination for travellers looking to go to Caribbean is Christchurch, Barbados, which is 75% cheaper than the average price of a hotel in Caribbean. The average nightly rate for a hotel in Christchurch, Barbados is 42€. Those looking for alternatives to Christchurch, Barbados can take a trip to Santo Domingo or San Juan as well.

Nightly hotel rates in Santo Domingo are typically just 63€, which is 62% below the average price of hotels in Caribbean.

If you’re more interested in San Juan, you can get a hotel there for around 69€ per night, which is 58% cheaper than Caribbean’s average.

What is considered a cheap rate for a hotel in Caribbean?

The average price for a hotel room in the entire area of Caribbean is 164€/night. momondo would consider any price under that to be a cheap rate for our users.

If you’re looking to visit a country in Caribbean that is usually on the cheaper side, consider visiting Puerto Rico (69€/night on average), Martinique (73€/night on average), and Sint Maarten (88€/night on average). These are the cheapest countries in Caribbean to book a hotel in.

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Popular routes to Caribbean

Most frequently searched flights to Caribbean along with the cheapest prices and shortest flight duration
Dublin to San Juan
Fastest flight time
27h 12m
Cheapest price
Shannon to Freeport
Fastest flight time
26h 10m
Cheapest price
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